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The mission of Story Me Studio is to promote and network local storytellers, and help them share their stories.  The medium of storytelling varies, from short stories, novels, comics, illustrated stories, and even character concepts.  Here, storytellers can also share their creative routines, inspiration, and projects in order to maintain accountability to help them get published.  We also feature creator profiles and portfolios.  


We are located in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, in the state of New Mexico.  

Current Projects

Featured Project

Art War 2017 Contest

This year we plan on entering various contests to enhance our skill set in story telling.  This Art War, by Cubebrush LLC, is a character design contest with awesome prizes like a Wacom tablet.  There are two requirements for this project, including a 2048x2048 pixel concept sheet, and a 2048x2048 final illustration.  This contest is unique that it takes place on the company's forum, and the moderators occasionally offer critiques throughout the process.  We will be posting our entries soon.  

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