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Renee Novel

I came up with the idea for this novel while in my Biology class during my sophomore year in high school.   Since 7th grade, I used to draw my thoughts in my agenda books, because they couldn't be taken away or seen as a distraction.  This page the first conceptualization of my novel, inspired by a class discussion about the possibility of cloned people remembering their past. We talked about the theory of nature versus nurture, and how it would be impossible for them to have the memories, but it doesn't account for the soul or the psychological issues that may come with the discovery of finding out you are a clone.  This story is meant to question the ethics of cloning, and how a clone might think or feel about themselves, and how the rest of society would view them.  In my creative writing class in college, I wrote a short story called Reborn.  I also tried to make it a comic for the Rising Stars of Manga contest, as a 20-page short story.  While the short story was finished and well received in college, but I never finished the comic because it was my last project before joining the U.S. Army.  The story got filed away in moving boxes.  For years, I continued to draw the characters and think of the story, which is why I have to see it done this year.  

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