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The Messy Monster Book

About The Messy Monster’s Customization

Presented here are the various boy characters you can create or choose from in the release of our upcoming book, The Messy Monster. The Messy Monster is a customizable and personalized book featuring your child as the main character.

The book can also be purchased with the main characters of Katie and Toby, or you can have it customized in three different ways.

The first is simply choosing a girl/boy character, and personalizing the book by just using your child's name. This is the quickest and cheapest form of customization.

The second mode of customization is creating a character avatar from 4 designs of hair, eye and skin colors. You can also change the color of the T-shirt to your child's favorite color. Shown here are the four types of hair styles, eye colors and skin tones that can be used to create a character resembling your child. This method does not take much time to customize, only 2-3 days in addition to printing and shipping days, but will cost more than the first method.

The last method of customization is Full Illustration, where artists will draw your child into the book. Based off of a picture or complete description, artists will draw a more realistic character of your child similar to the style presented in our Short Stories Illustrations. This is the most expensive form of customization and the artists will need an additional 2-4 weeks to complete the book, not including printing and shipping days.

The Messy Monster Book is a story in which your own child can star as the main character. They will be drawn into the illustrations, and they can watch themselves go through adventures as you read. In this story, your child is having an ordinary day when you take them to a craft fair. There he/she finds a table with strange looking eggs, which you buy and take home. After an afternoon of playing with friends and having fun, you find out they made a terrible mess. You make them clean their room, where they meet the most curious of creatures, hatched from the deeds of that afternoon. Watch your child go through some wild adventures with these messy monsters as they learn about responsibility, cleanliness, and appreciation for others. Look to our blog for more news on our Kickstarter Champaign in August 2014.

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