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Purple and Black party decorations

Moms 54th Birthday Dinner


So my mom’s birthday is September 23 and she lives out of town. She messaged me that she would be in town on Saturday the 2oth to buy chili and bag it. So I told her I would help her and decided to throw a surprise dinner for her.

My mom doesn’t have a thing so I had no idea what theme to do so I decided to start with the basics COLOR. I realized I didn’t know what her favorite colors were! So I had to ask. She said black and purple.


Now first and most fun to make the birthday banner!

I went to the craft store on a search for cardstock, lucky for me it was on sale 7 for 1$!!! I looked for purple, purple pattern and black pattern. The prettiest purple pattern happen to be FLOWERS! So I chose a purple flower theme!

Next it was time to search for purple flowers and gosh, they were expensive. However as I walked through the flower section I noticed some flower garland that gave me the idea for the ribbon flower garland. I found some pretty ribbon and tissue paper to make flowers. I used yarn from home to tie the flowers on to the ribbon.


The vase was made from an empty praline cookie Container. The boxes are tea boxes. I laid them on the left over cardstock like wrapping a gift. I had some left over scrapbooking stickers I decided to throw on for some wordage. And of course more tissue paper flowers! (the flowers are the most work)

Then to set the table! I went shopping at the dollar store and decided on a purple table cloth. The purple flower paper had white so I chose white plates. Lucky me the dollar tree had the cute zebra plate I thought matched my black pattern paper.


Last I decided to make it elegant by making these little napkin rings. With the last of the scraps of cardstock.. It was a lovely dinner.

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