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Foam Board Puzzle

Foam Board Puzzle

Matching and fine motor skills


This is Vincent. Vincent loves puzzles. However they are so expensive! Another problem is losing the peices to your 10 dollar puzzle. Bummer right!? So i came up with a cheap way to make a cute customized puzzle from a dollar foam board.

I started by thinking what he would like and his skill level. I decided colors and 4 pieces. I searched google for color images. I found a free cute dinasour coloring page and colored it on the computer. heres my finished product if you want to do the dino puzzle.

you need:

  • foam board

  • ruler

  • scissors

  • spray adhesive

  • 2 copies of pictures for the puzzle

  • an exacto knife

  • some card board to cut on (i used a diaper box)

(skip the mod podge didnt work out)


I then measured out 2 12 x 8 inch rectangles from the foam board.


Next i cut out the dinosaurs and adhered one set to a piece of foamboard.


Then use the exacto knife to cut out around the dinos. I started with a dino shape and then i decide for his skill level ovals would be better.


Next Adhere the outer cutout to the other piece of foam board.


Then adhere the other dinos to the inside of the puzzle piece spots or not. depending on skill level.


I also made a snake of for Lego Toby who is 9 and is very into snakes at the moment.


Hope you like my puzzles!!

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