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Frozen Armymen Rescue

Frozen Armymen Rescue

pretend play


Here is Toby and Joshua, two autistic boys. They are very different and its hard to find a good activity for Toby with extreme imaginitive abilities and Joshua with little to no imaginitive abilities to play together. This activity was perfect to get them working together! Joshua was intent on savinge the armymen and Toby had a major story going. Together they saved the army men!

I adapted this game from a baby activity I had read in "Baby play and Learn," by Penny Warner. Its so simple. Just fill and ice cube tray with armymen and water, freeze and play! You can change this game to focus your childs interest, like putting little dinosaurs or whatever cool small toys you have!


I have these foil trays I bought at Dollar Tree. I love them for hands on activities. I filled one with water and added some blue food coloring for ocean effect. The boys played together for a good 30 -45 minutes. Toby told a story about seargents and generals and Joshua was on the job melting the ice off the men.


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