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Working on the Book

It may be cliche, but coffee shops are really the best place to work on book projects. For the last two years, my sister and I have been meeting at coffee shops to work on our book, and other artistic projects. For starters, you get CAFFINE, the greatest muse of all. We get more done at coffee shops, since it is away from all the distractions of home. You know, the messy house, demanding kids, and other responsibilities that contunie to mount up whenever you try to work at home. Most of the book is worked on at home, but only during early mornings or late nights when the rest of the family is asleep. (I'm the early bird, and Pam is a night owl.)

Our kids are our greatest source of inspiration, but they are near impossible to work with, even behind closed doors. They always know where mommy is, and will pound on the door until they get a hold of us. They like to draw on our sketches and work in progress, and 'mess around on the computer' like mommy, often accidently deleteing or renaming important files. It's not so bad, and it inspires them to become artists and writers too. My son, Toby, has already written many books about snakes, Legos, and MineCraft. My neice Kaityn also wants to become an artist, and is already dilligently practicing.

This won't be much of a problem in the near future, as our kiddos will soon be in school. We will be able to have longer work days at home, but I will miss my time spent with them during the day. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be at home with my children while they are younger.

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