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Erin's Project Update

I had a hard time working on my personal projects last week. While I did subscribe to the Story Summit, I didn't make much progress on my creative projects because I got sick, and it threw me out of my routine. Today, I'm getting back on track.

The pictures below are some of the progress I've made to my projects over the last two weeks. To keep myself accountable, I plan on posting every Monday what I accomplished over the course of a week. To learn more about these projects, check out my projects page.

The first picture is the start of my painting of Renee, which I want to have finished by the end of the month. The second are character sheets of Rayuka for the ArtWar competition. I was getting stuck on this project, but I'm forcing myself to work a little on it each day. The third is a sketch for The Beast short story competition. I wanted to illustrate the characters to promote the story, and I have written around about 1,000 words of the 1,500, and just need to finish and polish the story by February 8.

I did not meet my goal writing 500 words a day for my Reborn novel, but I did get some good feedback and have kept up with working on it everyday. Now that I feel renewed, I am committed to finishing it by April. I also worked on a blog post about the history and revision of this website, which will be published soon.

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