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Foil Boat Fun

Foil Boat Fun

pretend play and fine motor activity

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This is Jason a very active boy. I came up with a hands on activity for him that i had seen on an episode of Sesame Street. We adapted it to a more Jason friendly game.

I found a large tray and filled it with water as Jason watched curiously. I told him that i was making a lake and we need to make some boats that float to put in the lake. He jumped with excitement.


. I cut him some squares of foil. I shaped a boat as he watch and he copied. He understood the idea of lifting up the sides. After we made the boats that float I said lets sink them! So we found some tokens and counted how many it took to sink the boat.


Then we made blaster boats that destroy bad guy boats and Jason tore the boats into pieces. Then he made more! :)

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