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Week 3 Update

Last week, I worked on all of my projects, but I got distracted and added to my projects, which is bad for completing what I am committed to. This is why I never finish anything, because I get inspired by new ideas, and that's how I have a ton of unfinished work. I get overwhelmed, and then instead of working on my project, I find myself escaping in Netflix binges or video games. This year, my goal is close out and finish as many pieces as I can. I don't regret the projects I added to, because they are good practice and are helping me to find my style.

The first sketch posted is a sketch I drew of myself a few years ago. I colored the top portion for my Gravatar, and decided to draw the body for #MeetTheArtist. Hopefully I finish this piece later this week. I wanted to finish the concept sheet for the Art War, but I at least worked more on it this week. For my portrait painting, I got stuck making the hard decisions of the hair and the shoulder strap of her clothes, so she looks really funny showing a lot more flesh that will be painted over by the background or by hair. I had yet to add detailing of the ear too. The last is a quick sketch for The Beast Competition I'm writing. I wrote half of the story, and figured out the ending, (and I have already written more than the allotted word count in notes,) so I just need to finish the story, and I plan to do that by the end of the week. I really need to fix the awful typography in the logo below, but I liked the quick sketch I did of the characters, and they were drawn without a reference. Well, here is to another week of progress! I'll have another update next Monday.

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